Monday, June 30, 2008

Woe is me!

I got to the store at 8:30 this morning to wait for the fire inspector. When nobody (except people wanting to buy stuff) showed up by 10:30, I called Dawn--you know, the one who said somebody would come this morning at 9. She said tomorrow at noon somebody would come. I'm beginning to understand the mandatory 24 hour waiting period a little better. GRRRRRRR! I think that at least 5 people came in wanting to buy stuff. I refused, but let them browse. Then Nanci's neighbor Kate called to see if I would be open tonight since she needs a gift for some one at work tomorrow. I'm trying not to think about the money (since I'm really totally broke now). I just feel bad that people come by and I can't serve their needs. I hope they'll come back. . .

Then, because of the day I'm having, I got a lovely Hallmark E-card from somebody. It took me about half an hour to view it (it was in my junkmail folder and MSN really didn't want me to open it). It was lovely--like an I'm-there-for-you kinda thing. But it wasn't signed, as far as I could tell. Now I know that all you gentle readers of this blog are there for me, so if you were the kind soul who sent it, please let me know. Or maybe it really was a virus and my computer is going to blow up. If the vein in my neck doesn't explode soon, I'll be mighty surprised.


Laurie Cinotto said...

don't you worry,, they will be back.

Anonymous said...

Hi Laurie,

I'm not the one who sent you the thoughtful e-card, but I could lie and say I was if it would relieve your mind.

Bummer you couldn't sell your magical things yesterday, but you just enticed your future customers enough for them to go out and tell ALL THEIR FRIENDS. Now, when you are open for business, you'll have even more customers! I think you should take a digital photo of the first person (non friend/relative) who buys something and put it on your website, in your blog, and hell, frame it for your wall! Angela