Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's coming together!

We have two of the three walls painted (one is all shingles all the time--I decided to leave that Pandora's box alone). I painted all the shiny brass sconces a muted light sage today. I am sort of afraid to hook them back up--electricity and I are not on good terms. Jon is out of town this week (again!) though, so I may do it, just to surprise him with how handy his wife can be. He had to take the good ladder with him, so I'm waiting to paint the back wall until I can use the good one. Janet left me a ladder that is flimsy and aluminum. It's okay for a quick light bulb change, but I'm not too comfortable with ladders as it is, so I'll wait for Jon to return with the sturdy one.

Now I'm looking for a counter top for my back counter (wrapping and packing station). I've been searching in alleys for any construction debris, but I have found no counters. I did get the lower cabinets from a dumpster (well, actually, they put them in their driveway next to the dumpster for me to rescue). I'm telling you, just put the word out that you need something, and it will find you. So I'm putting it out there that I need a counter (6' long, preferably). Just post a comment and I'll come get it! They have them at Menard's, but that's not as "green" as rescuing one.

A lot of the products are in. It's so hard not to play with all the toys--they look awesome! Luckily, the girly stuff hasn't arrived yet, so I'm not depleting the testers in my "spare" time. I was sent some great samples of a line of nail polish that doesn't have all the toxic crap in it. It's called Butter London. They have really cool colors. It's a little pricey, but I'd be their first distributor in the Midwest. And they have really cool colors. The hand and nail cream is amazing, too. I'll have to find a way to make it happen. Angel(a) knows a gal who works there as the sales person. She hasn't steered me wrong yet, so I think I'll give it a shot, if they don't make you order every single color. They have really cool colors. Did I mention that? If any of you reading this are producers of something you aspire to sell, I'm telling you right now--send samples (unless it's a car or bike or something really expensive). Every company that sent me samples (especially full size samples) is getting an order from me. Except the line of body products that all smell like food. That really bothers me.

Speaking of samples, a local couple was walking by the other night and stopped to chat about the store. She makes soap and lip balm and brought some by for me to try yesterday. I'm lovin' the lip balm, and the soap smells great. So Olive Owl is now a product I'll be carrying! (and her logo is adorable!) She also does fused glass jewelry, so I put in a request for that too!

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Jill said...

Don't forget Freecycle!
And Craigslist.
I find they are great when you need free stuff. Some freecycle groups get a bit nazi-ish about their rules but the people actually giving stuff are usually great.

Here's the Berwyn freecycle link: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/berwyn_freecycle/