Sunday, June 1, 2008

Keys are in hand (purse, actually)!

Today we went and got the keys to the store, paid the deposit and the June rent, and started working on the place. Tomorrow I'll put my temporary sign in the window--Coming Soon! First I have to get the rest of the paint off the window. Jon got most of it scraped off, but there's a bit of a residue still on there. I'm sure I'll have to use some kind of a toxic chemical to get it off, and that sucks on so many levels. The phone gets hooked up tomorrow, and I have to rent a truck and go pick up some huge display shelving and my cash register from the store that's closing in Palos Park tomorrow night. Then the real work begins!


Laura said...

Whoohoo! Your dream is coming to fruition!

Anonymous said...

Hey Laurie,

Congratulations! This is really real, isn't it? Have you ever thought of posting some before/after pictures of your store (well, "before" pictures for now, I guess)? I know when I work on a big project, like landscaping or something, having those pictures makes me feel I've accomplished something. Good luck! Angela