Saturday, June 28, 2008

Better news from yesterday!

I guess fighting back tears when speaking with the fire inspector has its merits. . . after I had my irritating conversations about lack of paperwork and July 2nd being the earliest they could come, I went home and did some laundry (really angst-ridden laundry). Then I had to go to Target to get a few things. I decided to stop by the store and see if I had any reason to be there for the rest of the day. Two messages!! One from the fire inspector, and one from the building inspector. The building guy, Tommy, said he could come by at 3:15. And the fire inspector said she could send somebody over Monday at 9am. If the paperwork goes through on Monday, I can get my business license and be open on July First! I also have to pay rent that day, so whatever money I can make is greatly needed. Tommy was great. He found 4 things that the landlord needs to take care of, but he said he'd go ahead and push the paperwork through and approve my license. We have 30 days to replace a lightbulb in the EXIT sign, change a switch/plug combo in the bathroom, and two basement things having to do with water (don't put your sump pumps on a GFI outlet--it shouldn't shut off when it gets wet) and some other 3 initial thing having to do with a valve on the water supply (it has an R and a Z in it).

So it looks like Monday I'll be done with inspections and ready to open! Angel(a) came again last night and we finished the displays and did up the window--it looks great! Today I need to go over and clean up the cash/wrap counters and install the cash register in its permanent home. Track lighting needs some adjusting (with the good ladder). And I'll take some pictures!

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Anonymous said...

Yay! See, Laurie, you put a lot of good karma out there and it came back and bit you. Just like Earl. (Uh, does that make La-Jon Randy? Hope not!)

Also, if you get stuff inspected on July 1 and officially open on July 2, that's La-Jon's birthday. What a terrific omen. Good luck. Enjoy your last weekend as a (relatively) free woman! Angela