Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!

Well, today I tidied up a bit and actually brought the camera! Jon helped me tweak the lighting and here it is--Fly Right Gifts as you will see it soon when I open!!!!!

From top to bottom we have the window from inside, the window detail from outside, natural cleaning products, natural bath and body products (Mudlark and Pacifica, and Spatacular), bassinet with cards and toys, puzzle rack with my childhood desk, the man section (wallets made from Tyvek, computer motherboards frames & coasters, worker's soaps), Notecards & office stuff, kitchen stuff, the fairly empty (ironically) jewelry case, louvered doors with misc.,the pet section with CDs above, toys, cards and gift wrap.

There are still a lot of things (well, a few anyway) that didn't make this editing round, but maybe later. . . You can tell that I love candles by how many I have for sale--let's hope a lot of Berwynites share my obsession. Once I get the counters organized you can see more of the POP (point of purchase) items. That pretty much just means the candy. Mmm. Candy. I brought chocolate for Angel(a) and I to eat last night while we worked so we wouldn't scarf down the profitable POP organic candies. They look so good. I guess I should try them before I sell them, don't you think?


Anonymous said...

Oh Laurie!

My fingers are just itching for your stuff! We have a similar store here called Checkered Moon but our store isn't eco-friendly -- it has lots of cute and unique items but they aren't AS cute or AS unique or AS good and true as yours. Good luck. You've really been able to put that creativity and artistic eye and vision to work for you. Your store is just lovely. Angela

Fly Right said...

Thanks! I'm hoping you will see it in person this summer.

grauk22 said...

YAAY! It is beautiful! Let's hope they let you open this week before the dust can get in there.

Laurie Cinotto said...

oh laurie, it just looks so sweet! i am so proud of you !!!

: )

: )

: )

Jill said...

your store looks fabulous!