Sunday, June 15, 2008

Some more before and after shots

Yesterday we ripped out the ugly carpet from the window. We weren't sure what we'd find.

What we found was some glue-covered wood that looked kind of promising. . .

The landlord George was very excited about the original wood that was on there (so was I). Unfortunately, he won't let me sand it off, he wants to use stripper. As in toxic, bad, evil stripper. I want no part of this. I thought by explaining how stripper is expensive, as well as toxic, that he might be persuaded to let me sand it. He wasn't. He just said he'd buy the stripper. So I'm hoping he will also do the stripping. I don't want anything to do with that.

I took the shiny brass sconces off the walls and painted them. Here's the "after" of one of those.

Here's the front and back wrap counters before (notice the brass sconces):

And here's what I've done so far with it. . . (ignore the bad penmanship)

And last, we have a wall with shelf all painted! And the jewelry case and Mrs. Meyer's display.


Laura said...

Lots of potential all over the placed. Your store is going to be a little gem when it's done!

Jill said...

it's looking very cool!