Monday, June 23, 2008

Hopefully next week. . .

I will be open for business! It seems my paperwork at City Hall isn't where it should be to schedule the inspections yet. Rats! I've left some messages and I'm hoping it will all be tidily resolved soon.

Jon has been working out of town again, and he needs the camera and the ladder for his job. I'm sorry I don't have any more "after" pictures yet. Maybe tomorrow. I'm luckily to the point of not needing the good ladder so much. The flimsy one is fine now that the painting is done.

Many of the products are on the shelves now. I have a much larger toy/kid/baby section than I thought I would, so hopefully the breeders of Berwyn will continue with their breeding. And hopefully the dog and cat owners will feel the need to buy their little babies a nice treat or toy.

I'm starting to get some of my artists' work together--the aprons that my friend Erika made are spectacular!!! We've got some made from vintage dresses that died, and one that she made from a man's oxford shirt that is really cute. Tomorrow my cousin Alexis is coming by with some samples of her crocheted wash/dish cloths and a few other things. I hope I can make us all rich!


Laura said...

It's sounding good! I so wish I could come shop there. Eventually...

Anonymous said...

Hey Laurie,

You know I adore you, but as your resident pain-in-the-butt writing teacher friend, might I suggest you never use these words together again:

"...schedule the inspections yet. Rats!"

People reading your blog quickly might get a very different idea of what is selling (or infesting!) your store.

What an exciting time this is for you. You know we all wish you tons of luck! Angela

Joanna said...

Hi Laurie!! It all sounds so exciting.... I can't wait til the next time I make it to Chicago so I can stop by and see the store (which I am keeping my fingers crossed will be up and running by then!). You've done a fabulous job pulling it all together- you go girl!! BTW, I have finally made a stash of eco-friendly necklaces with Fair Trade beads from around the world....still interested?

Now I have to browse around your site and look for pictures.... cant wait to see it all! Hugs fro Michigan!