Friday, June 27, 2008

Same title as the last one. . .

Looks like City Hall dropped the ball that is my livelihood. I don't know who to blame, myself (which is what I usually do) or the powers that be in local government. I faxed in the paperwork I was missing (the signed lease), as did my insurance agent (the copy of the paperwork that names Berwyn as the certificate holder). They never got it, even though we both got success reports from our fax machines. When I called to follow up, nobody called me back. So I finally got a hold of somebody who said they were still waiting on all that. So I physically drove it over there and handed it to somebody and watched her put it on the desk of one of the important people. She claimed that their fax machine has been working this whole time. Hmmm. . . Yesterday I got a copy of the insurance paper and drove that over there and gave it to the aforementioned important person (who said she already got it when they re-faxed it). So now I can begin to set up the appointments with the inspectors. BEGIN. But they haven't gotten the paperwork yet (even though SOMEBODY told me she would walk it down the hall to them immediately--that was yesterday at noon). The fire inspector person said she can't schedule me until she gets the paperwork. And they're not doing any fire inspecting until next Wednesday. Whenever I think about all this I get that jumpy feeling inside like you get right before vomiting. Oh--also contributing to this is the TWO plumbers it took to unblock my home kitchen drains and clean out our catch basin yesterday. They were both very nice and professional and expensive.

Now the good news!
Angel(a) came to the store last night and we worked on the displays--they look great! She's coming back tonight and we should be able to finish up most of it. She's got a great eye and I think the stuff looks amazing! So if we get it done tonight, that will give me a weekend off and a store that's ready to open upon inspection. Cash register practice continues, and the thing is programmed with all my departments. Now I'm off to Target in search of baby hangers (for clothes, not hanging babies) and hooks. I'm very proud of the fact that hardware is the only thing I've bought new for this whole project (and only some of the hardware is new. . . most I found in my basement or inherited from Janet and Pat).

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Anonymous said...

Hey Laurie,

Maybe you could sell some red tape in your new store since you seem so entwined in it these days! Just un-entwine yourself, roll the red tape on spools, and sell it as recycled materials.

Your dream WILL happen. If you were to plot your successes in a visual, you are way up over the crest of the hill and coming down the other side. And at the bottom of that hill is your store and its cash register, just waiting for customers. Ya can't fight city hall, but maybe you can drive over there and kick its ass (OK, I used the word "ass" on your blog AND Jill's blog today. I have issues). Good luck! Angela