Thursday, May 29, 2008


I'm making some progress with the products that I've ordered. I'm almost to my projected self-imposed spending limit. I think we all know where that's going. . . Yup. I'll be going over it by a little bit. Like with most things I do that I don't intend to do, I can justify it: by saying that I made up the figure to spend, so I can adjust it to suit me. Plus, unlike buying an extra pair of shoes, I can make money from this spent money! See? I justified it!

So far, I've ordered a lot of cool, innovative stuff. I'm really excited to start receiving the packages and unpacking my treasures. It's really fun to shop wholesale--the prices are great, you get more than one of everything, and you can put it in your store, instead of having to make room for it in your house. Now, if I can just be sure to sell it all and not take it home with me, I'll be set!

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Laura said...

That would be my problem - bringing all that cool stuff home! Good luck with that!