Monday, May 5, 2008

Act locally!

We've all heard the saying, "Think globally, act locally". This is a main focus for my store. But I wanted to get my business cards printed on recycled card stock with biodegradable inks. What's a girl to do? There is a web printer called that seemed like the perfect one to do my business cards. But I thought I should check with the local guy--Able Printing Services, who is right across the tracks from my store at 6837 Stanley Avenue. Well, Able does all kinds of green printing! They were totally helpful, and they'll have them done a lot sooner than the web place. And I can just pick them up and save on shipping and the pollution that comes with it. I guess my point is this: just because you don't know if there's a local resource for what you're looking for, just ask! I really didn't think that Berwyn would have such a great printer. And their shop has been family-owned and operated right here for over 35 years. Who knew?

The Bloom -n- Zoom is going to have a lot of flowers and plants to put in your garden, and they are being sold by a local greenhouse. Where do the plants at Home Depot come from? I don't know, but I'm pretty sure they're not from around here. We just need to think more about local resources--which is easier to do now that gas is almost $4/gallon. Yeah, the plants might be a little more expensive, but they're probably worth it, for many reasons.

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Jill said...

Hey Laurie, I still heart your blog. It's fed to my igoogle page. Glad you found a green + local supplier!!!
I just found a green+local coffee shop 2 blocks from my spokane digs! So excited! I'll probably blog him. They have to get their coffee from far away, but all the baked goods are made from local organic wheat and all the produce is local and organic. I'm going to WALK over there for my saturday morning treat before the boy wakes up. Much better than starbucks who get their product from god knows where.