Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Constructor Success!

Congratulations to Norah and Fly Bird on a very successful craft show. It was packed full of great artists and lots of buyers, too. I got to touch base with a few of my planned vendors for the store (Mosh Baby and Sheriff Peanut) and I met some great potential vendors too. They were all receptive to my consignment idea, which will be a blessing to me as I get up and running. In the future wholesale is an option, once I get a feel for what people really want around here.

I had a lot of contact with my neighbors on Memorial Day, due to some happenings on my block which brought everyone outdoors. They all seemed excited to hear about my store. Charlie across the street said he saw my little ad in the newspaper last week, too. It's so nice to know that not only my friends (who, for the most part, share my vision) but also other folks from different backgrounds feel like my store is a needed addition to the Berwyn scene. I have a rep coming over tomorrow to sell me more stuff for the store--luckily, I have my lists prepared and I refuse to be talked into buying more than I planned. Unless it's really cute. I will be strong.


Ann Filmer said...

Can't wait til you open! What is your address? My husband and I live in the Depot District and your mission makes us SMILE!

Would be happy to put any fliers you have at 16th Street Theater to spread the word.

We should link blogs too!
Ann Filmer

Fly Right said...

Thanks, Ann! The store will be at 6902 Windsor. I get the keys on Sunday. Please stop by and say hello if you're around. I'll be there setting up for awhile, and then HOPEFULLY I'll be open for business! I'll try to make you a flier for your theater, and I'd be happy to return the favor!