Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I'm Open!

Today, as I was waiting for the fire inspector to come, one of Berwyn's alderpersons, Michele Skryd, called me. She had read my blog and was upset that I was being lost in the shuffle. She said she'd make a phone call and that I should call her if an inspector didn't come by 1pm. Well, shortly thereafter, a fire inspector showed up and completed my paperwork. He gave me permission to open that minute (since he had the final piece of paper that would make it so). Or maybe it was because he wanted to be my first customer. The neighbors came in so that THEY could be my first customer, but they were all too late--a nice lady had walked in off the street and selected a vegetable and grain bag to purchase, and she was at the register with her money out. So Mike, the fire inspector was my second customer (and a nice one at that--he bought an organic chocolate bar which he gave me a piece of so I can now recommend it based on experience). Then Regina from next door bought some stuff and gave me my first $1 (which she signed and I put on the bulletin board). I am really open. I went to City Hall a little later to get the official piece of paper. So much paper they're wasting on little old me. . . I hope they recycle down at City Hall!

Michele Skryd is Berwyn's "Green" alderman (I put a link to her blog at the bottom of this page). I had met her at one of the BDC (Berwyn Development Corp.) after hours events in March or April. She had come by the store last weekend--thank God. Yesterday I said I wished I "knew a guy". Well, she's my "guy". Thanks, Michele, (and thanks to blogger.com too)!

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Laura said...

Congratulations Laurie! I'm so happy it's all finally working out for you.

By the way, after seeing your pictures of the store all ready to go, I'm REALLY dying to shop there! Your neighborhood is very lucky to have you in there.

Way to go!