Saturday, July 12, 2008

A/C update (for Jill & all concerned)

Seems like the air conditioner was working yesterday. Not great, but better than before. The one from Mary's office is sitting in the office waiting for a home. I'll have to plug it in and check it out today. Then I can decide if I want to take on the task of swapping them. I think Berwyn has toxic garbage day once in awhile, so that's how I'll get rid of the broken one in the garage.

If I swap them, I'll put the other one on Freecycle. It's better than nothing, and might be good for a smaller room. My handy hubby said that the existing one is WAY more powerful than the newer one (if it's working to its optimum capability). I talked to the HVAC guy in the neighborhood. He said that nobody works on window air conditioners anymore. So there's a career idea for anybody interested in such things. My dad told me that they should last forever. This one is from 1985, so that's darn near forever--especially when you consider that it wasn't maintained particularly well. The instruction manual said to clean the filter weekly, not once a decade. . .

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