Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Clothespin Monsters have invaded Fly Right Gifts!

I have just received a new shipment of goods from Idle Hands Workshop--okay, it's my cousin Alex in DesPlaines, and she came over with the stuff. It's sooo freaking cute! She made me some hand knit hemp washcloths, some funky felted knit wool coasters, some really cute cat toys stuffed with organic catnip, a sample (which I wouldn't let her take back) of a kid's pumpkin knit hat, and the Clothespin Monsters!!! They are really funny hanging bags to keep your clothespins in and you have to reach into the monster's gaping mouth to get your pins out. She's just too darn clever. She'll be making more of the pumpkin hats, as well as other warm headgear (a mohawk hat was mentioned) for the little ones.

I also got in some less exciting stuff, but it's new and cool and I'll write about it: Loofah kitchen scrubbers shaped like vegetables (eggplant, mushroom, tomato, and chili pepper) that you can use to scrub veggies or pots and pans (or your body--but don't cross-contaminate!), natural vegetarian and vegan soup mixes (but it was about 100 degrees in there today, so I put those in the back), and some great dip chillers that keep your dip cold. The loofahs are great because they resist mildew, they're all natural (even the dyes are vegetable-based), and they're gentle enough to use on non-stick cookware. They are totally biodegradable, and they last longer than a scrub sponge that you have to throw in the garbage! And they won't get stinky like a sponge.

I have also recently added locally handmade cutting boards from Berwynite Nevin Peters. Some are bamboo and some are beautifully made with hardwood remnants from his furniture design business. His craftsmanship is superb and he wholeheartedly endorsed my Howard Naturals Butcher Block conditioner to keep them in shape. I also got some funky wine bottle holders made from the same hardwood as the boards.

Local soapmaker extraordinaire, Olive Owl, has supplied me with lots of yummy soaps and lip balms, too. Many customers have recognized it from the Berwyn Open Market and snatched it up. They're really great products and the prices are VERY reasonable ($3 for a lip balm, and $3.50 for a soap)!


Laura said...

I want to come to your store!

Fly Right said...

And I want you to come to my store, too. Someday!

Laura said...

Everything is soooo cute! Love the clothespin monsters!

The orange ginger tea soap sounds like it smells incredible!

And is that Pacifica stuff that I see beside the other soaps? I LOVE the smell of their things!