Monday, July 14, 2008

This time I'll be open

for the car show (not sure why they call it "Cruise Night" since the cars just sit there). It's tomorrow night (Tuesday July 15) from 6-9pm. I'm hoping that some of my fabulous friends with fabulous vintage cars will come and hang out. There were a lot of nice rides there in June. Glad I got to walk around and see them last month, because this month I'll be open. I'm planning on making some dip from the dip mix that I sell so that A)people can try it and B)I can eat some dip! It's really delicious, and all natural. There are two kinds--one you mix with sour cream and mayonnaise (or yogurt and light mayo or any combination thereof) and one you mix with olive oil for dipping bread. I'll be choosing the potato chip friendly creamy version for the car show crowd. I need to reorder from the dip lady already! I have sold a lot of dip mix in the past two weeks (probably because I RAVE about it and it's relatively cheap. . .)

George the landlord came by on Saturday and futzed around with the ailing air conditioner. He agreed that it would be better to fix this one than to replace it with a weaker (and smaller so it won't fit in the hole right) one. It's supposed to be around 90 degrees tomorrow, so let's hope it works! If not, let's hope that I can scrounge up a big tub of ice to put in front of the fan.

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Laura said...

Hope you had fun last night, and I REALLY hope your ac situation is better today! Good luck! Sounds like it's all coming together!