Friday, July 4, 2008

Almost Famous

Click on the title of this post to see some of the pictures from Wednesday's photo shoot with Andrew Westel from the Berwyn newspaper. I guess I didn't really need to wear pants after all. The article by Cari Brokamp is scheduled to run in next Wednesday's paper. Have a lovely holiday!


Laurie Cinotto said...

you look lovely, laurie!!

that's so great that you are getting press so soon!

congrats!!!! the shop looks so sweet !!!!

Anonymous said...


I agree with the other Laurie -- you look cute as a bug (but a recycled, earth-friendly bug) and so does your store. I wish the computer screen had a "scratch and sniff" option because the soaps and candles even LOOKED like they smelled good. Angela

Jill said...

You look gorgeous and your stuff looks fabulous. And by "stuff" I don't mean anything naughty.