Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fried Green Tomatoes (no Whistlestop Cafe, though)

I'm really getting antsy for the garden to start producing more food. I've been workin' the green onions and the herbs, but I want tomatoes! Then I remembered how much I love fried green tomatoes. Jon doesn't, so I made him some eggplant and he was happy. Once I get all the stuff ready to fry (milk, flour, eggs, breadcrumbs and hot oily pan) I figured I should just fry up everything.

Our radishes are really tall, but the bulbs (?) are skinny and not good eatin'. I realized that they have gone to seed and we've sprouted radishes in our grass (also long and skinny, not bulbous)! Before I had a chance to pull them, Jon mowed, so now they've blended in. I fancy myself to be a gardener type, but I guess I still have a lot to learn. The compost is cooking away, and is almost ready to be applied. That makes me happy. We have a batch of baby rabbits that have been munching on everything, as have the squirrels. At least SOMEBODY is enjoying our garden. It looks like the Early Girl tomatoes will be red soon--I can't wait to have a BLT (with the fake bacon from Morning Star Farms)!

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Laura said...

At least you're learning as you go. We didn't grow anything this year. :(

Enjoy your Early Girl tomatoes - nothing like a home-grown tomato! Wish I could have one too!