Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cover Girl

My picture was on the cover of the Berwyn Life newspaper today! I got a few customers today who said they saw it, and a couple of people called to get more details about the store.

Cruise Night was good. Lots of good cars again, and I had some friends come by and hang out and bring their vintage cars (thanks Rick and Robbie!). I'm now saving beer cans to make a few beer can airplanes to hang around the store--thanks for the idea, Ang! They left me a few to work with.

The A/C is bad. Really bad. It's been 90 degrees or so two days in a row. Tomorrow will be the third. I'm bringing ice tomorrow and a fan to blow on it. And if I have one, a spray bottle. I'll be my own personal air conditioner! Now if only I could be a personal dehumidifier, that would rock!


Laura said...

I really feel for you, I hate being hot! Would much prefer being too cold anyday...

Hope it all gets better soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi Laurie,

I looked up the newspaper and tracked down your article. Nice picture (I think it is the one that appeared earlier). I hope the press will stir up even more business your way. Angela