Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Store Hours

Today is my first day of normal store hours. No more late nights at Fly Right (for now, anyway)! Tentative hours will be:

Tuesday-Friday 11-7
Saturday 12-5

This is how I'm starting out. As I go, I will decide if it's working. I'll be closed July 4 to celebrate Independence Day. I figured if even the ice cream parlor will be closed, there's really no point in my being open. I will be open later (9ish) July 15 and August 19 for the car shows, though.

Today the photographer from the Suburban Life newspaper is coming. Cari Brokamp called the store and interviewed me yesterday. I'm sure I'll come across as an idiot. I prefer to write my own stories so I can edit out the dumb thoughts and comments. I'm sure many of you would say I don't, though. *fighting the urge to put a smiley emoticon here* I guess I'll just try to find a shirt without paint or stains on it to wear for my picture. . . And probably pants or a skirt. I can't Porky Pig it in the newspaper!

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