Thursday, December 4, 2008

More toys than you can shake a stick at!

We have a variety of cute Christmas/Winter themed toys for kids, including an adorable Advent calendar that you can use year after year. It's like the sticker play scenes, only you add a new sticker to the North Pole scene every day until Dec. 24th, then you add Santa in his sleigh. I remember how excited I used to get when it was time to do the next thing on the Advent Calendar, but unlike the paper ones, this one can be used over again every year. The "stickers" are actually like Colorforms, repositionable vinyl figures of sledders, skaters, snowmen, etc.

Check out this City Ramp racing Set! It's one of those things you can do over and over again and never get bored watching those little cars zooming down the ramps!

This has been on backorder (along with the cookies and grill set) for months! The Melissa and Doug Ice Cream Parlor set with magnetic scoops of ice cream and cones. They have one you can play with down at Over the Rainbow, so if your kids would like to take if for a test drive, see Tom.

The Slice and Bake Cookie Set from Melissa and Doug is brand new, and it looks fun. Slice 'em, bake 'em, and top 'em--just don't eat 'em. Even comes with a cute spatula and oven mitt. The grill set allows you to make kabobs and even comes with wooden barbeque tongs. The box looks like a grill, so you can pretend it's a little kiddie hibachi! The veggies and steak-like things are velcro-able, so you get to slice them apart with the included wooden knife. Just don't use real fire, and you're set!
We're gearing up for the Deck the Depot Festival of Lights on December 13th. Santa's coming, and some real reindeer too (you can pet them and everything!). Strolling carolers, and a fun contest sponsored by all of us merchants (you should see the prizes we've put together!). The contest is a punch card--just visit all the participating stores, get your card punched, and then fill out your information and drop it in the raffle box--we have 2 prize baskets with gift certificates, books, wine, Christmas decorations and more for the lucky winners. You have to have all your punches, though, or we'll recycle your entry like last week's newspaper. You have to be 21, also.

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Laura said...

Isabella and Gianna got the ice cream set from one of their aunt and uncles and they LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Gianna has to sleep with it every night. They actually love it even more than I would have guessed. The barbeque set sounds cute too!