Sunday, December 28, 2008

Gifting Success!

Those of you who have come in and looked at the Lauri Toys Mosaic sets may have heard me say that I gave one to my cousin Gus for his 5th birthday. Well, here's a picture of Gus with one of his completed projects. He looks so proud. . .

We're going to Iowa (if we can get out of here--the basement has been "leaking" a bit) today and will be back to be open on Wednesday from 12-5 for all your host/hostess gift needs for the big New Years Eve parties you're going to. If the weather gets bad, you might want to call the store before venturing out. 708-484-7899.

HUGE thanks to all of you who helped make December our best month ever! I will be posting the raffle winners on New Years Day--good luck to all who entered!

1 comment:

Laura said...

No wonder Gus looks so proud, he did a great job!

Have fun in Iowa! Be safe driving.