Saturday, December 6, 2008

Gifts for the traveler in your life

Sometimes you need prints to show off your fun vacation--a 4x6" photo album with vintage camera look to it is just the thing!

These 100% recycled plastic totes and shoulder bags pack flat, but hold a lot on your way home! Both will easily fit in the carry-on box at the airport.

These accordion file folios are perfect for holding coupons, tickets, receipts, etc. and they have a notepad and a loop for your pen.

Got a black suitcase? So does everybody else, it seems. These TyVek luggage tags are just the ticket to set yours apart from the sea of others! They're cute, clever, and funny and are made of virtually indestructable material that is not only recycled, but also recyclable! There are 10 of them per package, so even your carry-on can have one.

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Laura said...

You've got some really cute things! I LOVE the "make friends" tote!!!

(by the way, my word verification today is "bariold" - as is very old!)