Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Giving Etsy a Run for their Money

For those of you who don't know, Etsy is a website with fabulous handmade things for sale. It's like a giant, time-sucking craft fair with all kinds of handcrafted goodies. I used to sell my candles and soaps on there, and many of my artists sell their wares there too. Think of Fly Right as Etsy without paying the shipping and handling!
Handmade in Chicago, Zoe's bows are great for little girls with little hair. They stay in really well, thanks to a super grip clip.

Atomic Mama bibs were handmade here in Berwyn and feature a terrycloth backing and an industrial-strength snap that's easy for parents, but hard for kids to undo.

These earrings from (wired) are handmade in Chicago out of old Effen Vodka labels (they're spongey rubbery). Below is some of their jewelry made from surplus and recycled industrial materials--the red is magnet wire. How attractive!

You should also check out (wired)'s stuff made from vintage electronic resistors--hard to photograph, but easy to love!

These are some hand-crocheted hanging vases made from old glass cigar tubes. A lady named Barbara here in town makes these, and I think they're just adorable! Great for a couple of stems of flowers, or for rooting plants.

Kraptacular Krafts candles made from vintage glassware--these are a few of the holiday ones I have left. Lightly scented with fig or pine, they're great for hostess or Christmas gifts or a little something for yourself. . .

Locally handmade Olive Owl soaps and lip balms make great stocking stuffers!

Handknit Christmas ornaments from local resident Jennifer Dale--bells or wreaths in a variety of colors. These are great tied on top of packages as a little something extra!

Also from Jennifer are these wonderful fingerless mitts--they're so cute and practical. I hate wearing gloves or mittens, but these will keep you warm while still allowing you to find your keys in your pocket. There are also a few beautiful scarves that she made. Mitts come in wool or non-wool options. I've had a lot of people say they would wear these indoors--great for the chilly office or while reading in bed.
Thanks to everyone who braved the nasty weather last Saturday for the Festival of Lights--cold and rainy, but it looked like people were having fun.

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Laura said...

Everything is cute, but I LOVE the candles-too cute!