Friday, December 12, 2008

Gifts for people who cook (and who doesn't cook?!)

If you cook, you've got dishes to wash. Mrs. Meyer's makes both traditional dish soap, and dishwasher soap. Both are natural, hard working, and they smell great (kinda like me!).

After you wash the dishes, you need to dry them. I have two different sets of Christmas-themed dish towels: four towels folded neatly into a cute fabric bag. Display them or use them--they'll put a festive spin on your kitchen decor. These are a great host/hostess gift for those holiday parties you'll be attending.

I have both holiday and all-season dip chillers now. Just put ice in the bottom part, and your dip stays cool throughout the whole party (or movie, or whatever). Both come in 1 and 2 cup sizes. I just got in a fresh order of dip mix--a great stocking stuffer for anybody--even those who don't cook (you need to stir, and that's about it).

The handmade cutting boards and wine holders are a perfect gift for that special cook in your life. Handcrafted in Berwyn by a Berwyn artist, Nevin Peters. We also have the perfect conditioner for them--Howard Naturals' Butcher Block Conditioner. It's unscented (unlike their other fabulous woodcare products), all natural, and very moisturizing to keep your cutting boards from drying out (as comes with washing). Resting atop these boards is some Chef's hand cream from Sunfeather Natural Soaps.


mReyes said...

um... you are truly the coolest, dear lady! The whole idea is a great one, looks great, too and i wish you much continued success!!!! congrats!!!


Laura said...

Great ideas, Laurie! I wish I had friends so I could get invited to a holiday party and bring the towels (in a fabric bag - how cute is that?!?!) as a hostess gift! My non-friends have no idea what they're missing!