Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Let's Get Fired Up for Spring Cleaning!

Spring feels like it's really on its way today! Of course that makes one think of Spring cleaning--ugh. But why do we dread cleaning so much? It can actually be quite a cathartic experience. Maybe one reason we don't get into cleaning more is that we're not into what we're cleaning with! I have plenty of things to inspire your inner white tornado. First off, Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day has a new fragrance for their Spring Cleaning Kit--Snap Pea. It's the freshest, greenest scent yet. The kit comes with small versions of all their best-selling products--All Purpose Cleaner, Window Spray, Countertop Spray, and Dish Liquid, all in a handy carrier box. This would be a great starter kit for anyone who hasn't jumped on the green cleaner bandwagon. Or for those of us who just want to try a new fragrance for awhile.

I also have just gotten in a shipment from Twist--100% biodegradable cleaning tools. I have the following in stock and ready for your cleaning pleasure:
Sponge cloths--these can take the place of paper towels in your kitchen and bathroom. They combine the absorbency of a sponge with the size and convenience of a paper towel. Think of the money (and garbage) you'll save if you cut down on your paper towel usage! And these babies can go in your dishwasher to clean and freshen them when they start looking tired. I have them in white, not the colors pictured, because what says clean better than white?
These are the "naked sponges". Just like it says--no colors, just a plain old hearty sponge. These can also be refreshed in the dishwasher (or microwave--directions are on the package).

This little cutie is the dish dumpling. It's the perfect size for washing dishes and glasses, and its knitted agave exterior is great for scouring the tough stuff.

And I may have saved the best for last--the loofah sponge. It's a naked sponge with one side that's pure power for scrubbing. I have used mine a lot, and it looks brand new! Won't scratch anything that I've tried it on (nonstick pans, corian countertops, bathtubs, etc.). I used to scrub my face with a loofah, so I'm pretty sure it won't scratch ANYTHING, but it's great for getting the 3D junk off.

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Laura said...

GREAT products, Laurie! Love everything. You are so inspiring - I may start really cleaning soon too!