Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Easter Treats that Aren't Fattening

These handknit chickens are made locally by my knitting gal, Jennifer (and I added the felt beaks and combs and waddles). I had several of these guys when I was a kid, some made by my grandmother and one by my great aunt, Rose. They conceal a plastic egg. Every Easter I'd leave my chickens in my basket and the Easter Bunny would come and put something in them--usually a quarter or some jelly beans. Yes, we reused my Easter basket every year, and I still have it! The chickens come in several colors, and come with the plastic egg. All this for only $5!

These are some beautiful handmade fabric corsages that can be used over and over again for all your Spring events--Easter, Mother's Day, Prom, Earth Day. . . There are several Springy color combinations available. These are from LaLaLaurie (not me, but my friend Laurie from Tacoma). She has more corsages availbable on Etsy, seller name LaLaLaurie.


Laura said...

The chickens are adorable! I can't believe you added the beaks, combs and waddles yourself! I can't even believe you knew the names of those parts! You are a woman of many talents!

I love Laurie's corsages too. They are beautiful, what a great idea. She is so talented also!

Fly Right said...

Aw, shucks, Laura--you're too sweet. (and you're also from Iowa, so I would expect you to know the parts of a chicken head. . .)

Jill said...

AWESOME!!! Even a heathen like me could get into re-usable easter baskets and those chicks. I must must must visit yoru store.;