Friday, November 14, 2008

More Green Gift Wrap ideas

Why not use a decorative paper bag from a store for wrapping paper? This one is from here!

Many products come packaged in clear plastic boxes (this one had a Mudlark soap/lotion/candle gift set in it). You can peel off any stickers and put a gift wrapped in tissue paper, shredded paper, or raffia inside. Add a simple reusable ribbon plus an image from a used greeting card, and you have a display-worthy gift!

You can make your own holiday wrap (especially for small items like gift cards) out of kraft paper (I get lots of stuff packed in it) and a rubber stamp. Just color it with marker or colored pencil and it looks quite festive. If you need any kraft paper, just ask me for some. You can usually iron out the wrinkles and it's fine.


Laura said...

Laurie, you've always been so creative at wrapping gifts! You have the creativity for it to be green AND fun!

Our friends from Maine wrap gifts in the Sunday funny papers.

Jill said...

Awesome ideas! you can also use many things that are lying about the house for ribbon...I've used twine on brown paper for the "ye olde tyme" look and bits of yarn on craft paper for the new time look.

My best gift wrap ever was of course from YOU. The recycled box you shipped my Kraptacular Kristmas gift in. It had been for a dell computer and you re-interpreted the dell messages on the box to apply to the enclosed gift. I still have it (and the gift).

I also noticed today at Goodwill that they have TONS of christmas decorative tins for 50cents each. I might get those for giving christmas treats in. The tin will be reused or re-donated.