Saturday, November 8, 2008

Green Holiday Gift Wrapping

The store will be closed on Tuesday, November 11th. Regular hours will start back up on the 12th. Gotta go home and see the folks before the big holiday rush!

Well, I've been wrapping fake gifts for my window display, and I've come up with some good ideas for wrapping things without causing too much waste. First of all, use things like satin and tulle ribbons that you can use over and over again. Everything I used on these (as far as ribbons go) are ones I kept off of gifts I have received or that I bought at the thrift store in huge bags for a buck.

I think it's better to get one roll (or sheet) of wrapping paper that you love, and use it sparingly than to buy a whole package of rolls of cheap, crappy wrapping paper. The one kind of gift wrap I'm selling this season is called "Stranger Manger" and it's from Pop Ink (a division of the French Paper Company--which has been using 100% hydro-electrical power since 1922). Here are some delightful pictures of the gifts I wrapped using their paper as an accent (the underpaper--is that a word?--is just paper that was used as packing material in shipments I've received:

I'll do some more and share them with you later!

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