Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Handmade Book Journals

Our trip to Iowa was nice--always good to see the family. My purpose was twofold--see the 'rents, and pick up some journals to sell in the store. The sister of a family friend of ours (the aforementioned Milly who stopped by the store one day and dropped off some totes she had made) makes some incredible journals out of used hardcover books. She helps with her local charity (Planned Parenthood) book drive and sale, and when she finds books that are incomplete or missing pages, she takes them and makes these darling notebooks out of them! She lines them with lovely paper stock (they all have at least one pocket on the left inside cover) and inserts a notepad. I've been emailing her for months trying to figure out what kind of books I'd want--I described myself and the store to her, and I must say, she hit the nail on the head! Here are some photos:


Jill said...

I love those journals! I got a similar one here to support Roots and Wings (a Jane Goodall children's organization)

Laura said...

Great idea!

Mine weren't as cute, but I made little notebooks using recycled paper for Christmas gifts for my family this year.