Thursday, August 28, 2008

Store Closing--temporarily

Tomorrow Jon and I will be heading up to the land of sky blue waters for our annual canoe trip. Just us and about 40 of our friends. . . We'll be canoing the Wisconsin River near Spring Green (of House on the Rock fame). Campground Friday night, then loading up all our gear onto a bus that will drive us up the river about 10 miles to our awaiting canoes. Load the canoes, slather on the sunscreen and bug repellent, and crack open a beverage. . .ahhhh, nature! Saturday night will be spent camping on an island in the middle of the river. Campfire, eating, drinking, and this year--a band. We were all told to bring an instrument to play in the band. I'll be bringing my cowbell. Then back to where we started on Sunday. We all go out to eat and to a farm stand (with petting zoo) before heading home. It should be a blast.

So, Fly Right will be closed Friday-Monday. I'll be there regular hours next week, all sunburned and bug bitten and happy.

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Laura said...

Sounds wonderful! Have a great time and be safe!

We need more cowbell!!!