Thursday, August 14, 2008

Back to School (window)

I have recently redone the front window of the store. It's almost time for kids to go back to school, so that's the theme for August. Since I don't really sell school supplies, I had to get creative with the theme. . . I found some old school lunch trays at the thrift store, so I made each of them into a little showcase of products that I sell, with a corresponding school name added to highlight them. Here are the trays/themes/products:

Nursery School:
things for babies--toys, bibs, clothing
Obedience School: dog and cat toys and treats
Cooking School: foodstuffs and kitchen things
Beauty School:
bath and body products
Art School: handmade jewelry, hair bows, coasters, candles

I only had 5 trays, so on the side I did a little "Correspondence Course" with note cards and office supplies, and "Play School" with some toys and puzzles scattered around.

Some of the items fit on the trays better than others, but I think it's a cute idea. I also put the little school desk in the window and the dress form is the "teacher" wearing my new T shirt. It says, "Ich Bin Ein Berwyner" and has JFK on it (yes, that's definitely a local product)! I just got a delivery from Sheriff Peanut which consisted of handmade bibs and screen printed onesies for babies, and the aforementioned T shirts for adults. It's all really cute stuff--thanks, Norah!

Other new things that have come in are MORE TOYS from Melissa and Doug (check out their wooden sushi slicing set) and Lauri toys (made in the USA from non-toxic rubber). I remember the Lauri toys from when I was a kid. I still kinda wanna put 'em in my mouth. . .


Laura said...

What a great idea with the lunch trays and different "schools"! Only you would have thought of all that. Very creative, I love it! Just need some pictures...

Jill said...

This sounds very cool!