Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Games for Older Kids (and one for little ones)

I just got in a shipment from Gamewright. These award-winning card games were recommended to me by a customer (hello, Geralyn!) and her two boys (ages 7 & 9). She said the games are great because adults as well as kids enjoy playing them, and some of them can be played in 12 minutes or less. All but one of them are made in the USA.


Anonymous said...

Laurie... so glad to hear that the card games are in! We'll be there soon to pick up Say Cheese and LOOT... and if anyone is looking for an educational yet really fun game to pick up for the kids (or maybe you have to buy a kid's gift, and you don't know what game to buy), please try out one of these games. If you like Cranium, you'll love Gamewright! Our family is addicted!

Laura said...

These games look so cute! Can't wait till the girls are old enough!