Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bloom-n-Zoom time again!

Saturday May 9th is the Bloom-n-Zoom in the Depot District. There will be plenty of plants and flowers and hanging baskets for all your bloomin' needs. This year it's on Windsor Avenue between Grove and Kenilworth Avenues (a mere stone's throw away from my store). It goes from 8am - 2pm (or until they run out of plants). I'll be open at 9 (maybe before that--we'll see how it goes. . .).

I've got Mother's Day cards (even ones from the dog and the cat), new candles, new jewelry, and all the regular stuff too. I've gotten in all sizes of the Berwyner T-shirts, as well, so come on over and get something for Mom (or yourself)!

Here are a couple of the new candles I just made this morning:

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Laura said...

Those candles are adorable!!!

Have a fun time this weekend bloomin' and zoomin'!