Monday, November 14, 2016

What is going on?!?!

Recently (as in the last few months) I have been liquidating the assets of my childhood home. Problem is, my childhood home is five and half hours away, so it takes awhile to get there, do stuff, and come back. Other problem is, I am an only child, doing this mostly by myself. Of course my husband and some friends and neighbors have helped a lot (thanks, guys!), but the ultimate decisions come down to me.

My mom has moved to an apartment--a lovely 2 bedroom independent living apartment. She has furnished and decorated it nicely and she took all the comfortable chairs, which leaves me with folding chairs and card tables on which to work. ;)

We lived in that house for 47 years, so there has been plenty of time to accumulate stuff. I am bringing back things that I think my customers would like (that would make great gifts, since after all, we are a gift shop), and I will be trying to sell them in my store.

So this is why my hours and days have been spotty. I am posting on facebook whether I will be open or not, so check there before you come. With the holidays fast approaching, I am hoping to be open more, but my familial duties must take precedence at this time.

Thank you for your support. Does anybody need a card table?

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