Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Every day is kid's day!

Now that Mother's Day is over, and you inevitably heard the question, you can prove it's true by stopping by and picking up a little (or big) something for the kids!
This fold and go wooden treehouse is about the cutest toy I've ever seen! It comes with a bear and a bunny, two chairs, a table, a ladder and two beds. It opens up for easy treehouse access, and has a handle to easily take it elsewhere. The front door opens and everything!

For all those little royalty-obsessed kids we now have the Prince and Princess dressup magnetic dolls. They come with stands so you can really play with them (but I think that changing the clothes is the most fun part)!

Gear up for your Summer road trips with this flip to win license plate game--the plates and map will help you and your little ones find the state that has the plate! Great for ages 8 to adult!

Who doesn't enjoy a rousing game of travel bingo? There are different cards to slide in behind the tiles so you can switch from country to city to vehicles to keep it relative to your immediate location.

This kickball is just like the red playground balls you had as a kid--they even smell the same (yes, I smelled them)! The only difference is that this one has the cutest little ladybug on it. Ages 2+. Who wants to play kickball?
We're fully stocked on all the food toys as well. The newest ones are the brownies and the apple pie. Oh! And there's a special occasion cake that's two layers with lots of add ons.

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