Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Some Green Things

With Saint Patrick's Day nearly here, I stocked the window with lots of green things. Today I realized that Easter will be here in less than three weeks, so I took out the green stuff and am working on an Easter/Spring theme. Here are some of the green-hued things I traded for bunnies, chickens, baskets and eggs.

This purse is made from recycled candy wrappers. It's also available in a multi-colored version where the wrapperiness is more obvious.

Locally handknit mittens and child's hat. Sold separately, and created by two different artists with the same eye for cuteness.

This is a recycled glass vase so it's green in more ways than one!

This goofy little turtle is crocheted over post-consumer bottle caps. I am the consumer. The lady who crochets them lives here in town and walks them over--her carbon footprint is really small, as are her feet.

Another fabulous locally-made thing: this green koi tshirt for kids from Mosh Baby. It's even organic cotton!

More green stuff from Galison Green. . .

And some green frogs from Melissa and Doug--the pull toy frog bounces when you pull him and the Funny Frog Games come with lily pads, frogs, and directions for 10 different games to play with them.

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Laura said...

So much green cuteness! I love it all!!!

Hope you had a wonderful vacation, Laurie! I was thinking of you. And jealous of you...