Wednesday, January 27, 2010

VD warning!

VD, or Valentine's Day as it's commonly known, is quickly approaching! Don't get caught at Jewel buying tired roses at 6pm on February 14th! I have put together some easy grab-n-go gifts for the special gal in your life. I have limited quantities of these, so it's best to shop early to get the most choices. The small reusable gift heart canisters start at $15, and contain some tried and true favorites put together in a special way. I've also got a few gift baskets put together, if you're more traditional. All of them feature a unified theme that will show her that you are thoughtful, caring, and supportive of businesses that are eco-friendly! What chick doesn't dig that?!

There are lots of great options for unique jewelry and hand knit accessories too. And if you are really inclined to buy flowers, we have some great recycled glass vases to put them in! Of course we have a nice selection of Valentine cards too--even some vintage reproduction ones with Valentine hankies tucked in them. And be sure to check out the Valentine-themed dishtowels!

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Chuck Soumar said...

-Laurie, I didn't know where to put this, but thank you so much for the very nice review you gave my upholstery business. Made my day when I got the google alert !!
Welcome to Berwyn !! A great place to live and grow up... It worked for me....
Take care, and please stop in my shop sometime. I would like to thank you personnally.
All the best,
Chuck Soumar

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