Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It's Wool Weather!

Time to get out the hats and scarves and gloves, everybody! We have just gotten a supply of locally handmade knits--fingerless mittens, neckerchiefs, and hats for adults and children. Perfect for this time of year for everybody, and all the time for some people is the new devil cap--available in kids' and adult sizes. We still have the pumpkin hats for kids, too.

The fingerless mittens have multiplied over the Summer--come check out the new colors and styles! There are ones with thumbs now too! These were my go-to gloves all year last year. For indoors or out, these rock! Great for wearing while crafting or computing--any winter activity that makes your digits chilly.


Laura said...

I LOVE the devil cap!!!

The Greater Green said...

oh, that cap is priceless!! :)