Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I Scream You Scream

It's almost officially Summer, and that means it's time for ice cream! I'm lucky (or unlucky) to be located a half block from a great little ice cream parlor--Over the Rainbow. They serve hand dipped Hershey's ice cream and stock over 35 different flavors. Tom (the owner) laughs at me when I walk down there with my bowl and spoon in hand, but he knows I'm only trying to save the planet (and him a little money). . .

I have several customers who have mentioned to me that they or their kids can't eat dairy, so they have to miss out on one of Summer's best treats. GOOD NEWS! Tom has gotten some soy ice cream! And it's good! He's got two flavors: chocolate and peach cobbler. And it's from a local company called Temptations. They make it with Chicago Soydairy Soymilk, organic evaporated cane juice, and other ingredients. The chocolate flavor is even gluten-free!

Tom has toys for the kids to play with while you're there, including the Melissa and Doug ice cream parlor set. (conveniently available at Fly Right Gifts).


Jill said...

YEAY for dairy free ice cream for the kiddies! Now I want to visit even more to see your shop and be able to go to an ice cream shop without suffering the crushing disappointment of yet another crap bowl of "daquiri ice"

Laura said...

Isabella and Gianna are OBSESSED with their M & D ice cream set! This toy never gets old like the others. Now if we had soy ice cream I'd actually let them have something edible!