Friday, April 17, 2009

Pets love Spring too!

Spring is here, and I've been seeing a lot more dogs out and about lately! Today I got shipments of pet supplies from two different vendors, so the pet shelf is full once more.
Back by pupular (sorry) demand are the Hurley bones from West Paw. They're super-tough, they float, are flexible, and they bounce at crazy angles.They're made of Zogoflex (a word they most likely made up) and are made partially from post-industrial waste. They offer a one time replacement if your dog destroys it, and they are happy to take back and recycle the Hurley when your pet is done with it. Zogoflex is FDA approved for use by pets, and they are made in the USA.

When I opened the shipping box, I could smell this organic catnip. It's strong! It's all leaves, finely crushed--no stems or seeds. If your cat likes regular catnip, he'll never go back after trying organic. Even cats who seemed indifferent to catnip before love this stuff.

For all pet owners, these window stickers are vital. Every fireman who has come into my store says that these are noticed immediately and are very helpful to them for knowing to look for your pets in case the unthinkable happens. This is the one product that I sell that I hope never gets used.
We also have a new batch of all natural dog and cat treats from Zuke's, and we still have some of that great-smelling Dog Poo (natural shampoo for dogs) and Flea Flee spray from Sunfeather natural soap company. And of course we still have the Gulpy water bottles. Feel free stop in with your dog--I'll give him or her a treat if you'll let me!

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