Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Organic Baths for Baby & You!

This is a luxurious natural and organic product line that includes:
  • bubble bath
  • shampoo/body wash
  • conditioner/detangler
  • face and body moisturizer (unscented)
  • baby oil
  • diaper cream
  • silky dusting powder
  • Ah-choo chest rub with eucalyptus
  • aromatherapy calming spray
  • PU all purpose deoderizer
  • organic soothing stick--deep moisturizer for lips, cheeks, and extra dry skin
  • travel sets with shampoo, conditioner, calming spray, and face/body lotion

Most products are available in either Lavender/Chamomile or Vanilla/Tangerine

1 comment:

Laura said...

Cute products! I don't know how anyone can use Johnson's chemical crap on their kids when there are great products like this out there! You're getting the word out there that there's something better!